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Grazie Prego Kiss Kiss - A Spangel Celebration

Hop On, Little Mama!

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Welcome! This is the home for the "Grazie Prego Kiss Kiss" Spangel ficathon! The rules:

1. Everyone welcome!

2. The format is self-assigned fics: Everyone writes the fic that she/he wants. All ratings and formats are welcome - poetry, threesomes, moresomes, PG, NC-17 - anything goes, as long as the fic includes some Spike/Angel.

3. Deadline for fic is April 30, 2009. Sign-ups are open until April 29. :)

4. You may post your finished fic in this community, to your own LJ, or both. If you post it to your own LJ, please leave a link in this community so our members can find it. Please join the community so you can post your fic and view periodic updates.

5. The Masterlist will be posted on May 5, 2009, the 5th anniversary of the first broadcast of "The Girl in Question," the silliest, slashiest Spangel episode evah!

Please pimp like crazy and HAVE FUN!